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Loresday - The Omadas

Updated: May 3, 2022

1st Omada, the Radiant Blade

An elite squad comprised exclusively of Tigues, trained to serve, protect, and act in matters of diplomacy and preventing foreign threats. Their colors are red & black.

2nd Omada, the Silver Gauntlet

An internal force of elite soldiers and Tigues who act as guards for the Archi, and carry out specialized missions on their behalf. Their colors are green & silver.

3rd Omada, the Howling Spear

One of two independently operating infantry units, commonly stationed near the borders of the nation. Their colors are silver & purple.

4th Omada, the Watchful Eye

The military's primary reconnaissance and intelligence unit. Their colors are black & gold

5th Omada, the Iron Rain

The warfare and defense research unit, specializing in the development and operation of siege weapons. Their colors are blue & red.

6th Omada, the Gilded Spur

The nation's cavalry, expertly trained in mounted combat in both close and long-range. Their colors are black & green.

7th Omada, the Burning Shield

The second of the two independently operating infantry units, specializing in pole weapons. Their colors are red & gold.

8th Omada, the Black Hounds

The numerous units sworn to the cities of the Kordi Nation, acting as guardians and law keepers. Their colors are those of their city's Tiarna House. (the crest displayed is that of Emeria, blue & gold)


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