Character Professions

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     Professions are intended to provide in-game information, missions, prestige, and/or a chance to earn money. As you continue to learn and train a profession in-game, you will be given additional ranks—journeyman, master, and finally grandmaster—along with information and/or skills as appropriate.


     A person may only have one regular profession, though a second "appointed" profession (of which there are several) may be earned through in-game action or election. Eligibility for a profession is based on rank and, occasionally, culture. Landed nobles tend to have very different occupations from average citizens, and the restrictions of being unaffiliated affects what professions are feasible while living in Kordi.

   If you elect not to purchase a profession at character creation, but decide later that you want to take one up, you must earn access to the desired profession in-game.

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