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Summerfall (Y4, E3)
Summerfall (Y4, E3)
Aug 23, 2024, 5:00 PM EDT – Aug 25, 2024, 5:00 PM EDT

       Please review the following to familiarize yourself with the event details and your ticket to the game. Please refer to Discord announcements for specific arrival and event start times.

Before Purchase:

  • Tickets are password protected  and may be purchased once staff has approved: 

    • Your character sheet (details here)!

    • Your proof of COVID vaccination (per our policy) or accepted exemptions*

  • Participants must be 18+ to attend.

  • Events are capped at under 40 players & generally sell out in under a week.

  • Attendance tickets cost $83 and include:

    • ​Access to the game for the weekend.

    • Basic sleeping accommodations (details below).

After Purchase:

  • Refunds** are available up to 2 weeks before the event.

  • Reselling tickets is permitted under the following conditions:

    • The buyer has an approved character. 

    • The seller contacts staff to confirm the buyer's status. 

    • The sale occurs by the Monday before the event.

  • If you CANNOT attend the event or must arrive after game-on, alert staff immediately via e-mail.***

Event Accommodations:

  • Game runs at Camp Karoondinha in Millmont, PA.

  • Lodging is included.

    • The base ticket guarantees you one of the following: 

      • A bed in a communal lodge with bunks and a wood-burning stove.

      • A space for modern tents outside of the game area.

      • A space for period/canvas tents in the game-play space.

    • Private cabins, with electricity, are available for an additional fee**.

      • Sleep 2-8 players in bunk beds.

      • Cabins have ceiling fans but no heat. 

        • Space heaters are only allowed to run when the cabin is occupied.​

      • Repeat renters get priority.

      • Please contact staff for reservation details.

  • Hygiene facilities are available.

    • Single-stall restrooms and showers are available on-site in ventral locations.

  • Two kitchens are available with refrigerators, ovens, microwaves, and stoves.

    • Time slots for meal prep are posted in our Discord.

    • Food, cookware, and dinnerware are not provided.

    • Label all food and practice good food safety to avoid attracting wildlife. 
  • We ask that everyone:

    • Make an effort to keep their space looking clean and in-game.

    • Store electronics and other modern devices out of sight during play.

    • Keep modern bedding and luggage covered or under a bed.

    • Decorate your space as you are able!

    • Never leave space heaters on and unattended.

  • Failure to follow guidelines may result in a forfeiture of overnight skill refreshes.


*We do not keep your medical information on file.

**Personal cabin fees are non-refundable and based on site pricing.

***Failure to do so may delay your ability to purchase the next event’s ticket.

event schedule

April 19th - 21st

June 7th - 9th

August 23rd - 25th

October 25th - 27th

Tickets go on sale ~2 months before each event.


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