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    Our story takes place within the Kordi Nation's city of Emeria, approximately 15 years after the end of the Half-Century War. Founded on the ruins of an enemy stronghold, the city has quickly grown to become a well-known trade hub, boasting a rich representation of the cultures of Eras. Emeria is located on the northeastern edge of the Kordi Nation, near the city of Kotè Onè and the border with the mercurial clans-people, the Waso. In answer to a booming population as people far and wide emigrate to Emeria, a new district has been founded in the west. The people's nickname for it has stuck, and maps are being inked with the new name:  Foxhedge. How the district will grow and evolve is up to you.

Eras Known World Print.jpg

Map of the Known World

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A more in-depth look at the setting of the game, and the world of Eras, as a whole. 


   * Official Rulebook ​*

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