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    There are several different cultures of people that inhabit the Known World of Eras. Player characters may come from any of the cultures for which there are guides - though the world is home to more people whom you may meet - with the understanding that there is one thing that everyone will have in common: they have all, for whatever reason, moved to Kordi. The reason why is up to you!

    Below are several short lists of common themes relevant to each common culture. These are in no way exclusive or exhaustive detailing of the types of stories that can be told or explored at this larp, but merely a suggestion to help guide you to a culture that might be of interest.


Consider Kordi if you are interested in:

  • National pride and unity

  • Chivalric themes and military structure

  • Seeking knowledge and understanding

  • Games of power and political intrigue

Consider Paramos if you are interested in:

  • The idea of many over one

  • Functionality over extravagance

  • The importance of storytelling

  • Survivalist background

Consider Bari if you are interested in:

  • Family bonds and rivalries

  • A natural or nomadic way of life

  • Unique superstitions and customs

  • The blending of cultures

Consider Cavachs if you are interested in:

  • The balance of working hard and cutting loose

  • Social standing based on craftsmanship

  • Portraying different personas

  • Student and teacher relationships


Consider Abkhat if you are interested in:

  • Strong themes of stewardship

  • How preparing for the afterlife affects the now

  • The connection between person and place

  • Planting roots and building a thriving community


Consider Kote if you are interested in:

  • Minor religious themes

  • Pursuing the understanding of the gods

  • Accepting or rejecting your fated lifestyle

  • Personal expression through clothing



Please give each culture a thorough look-through, and stick within its guidelines when designing your character.

An ^ indicates a culture that is under-represented in game, and could use more players to enjoy the story! Please consider selecting one.

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