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Loresday - The Lanton Prioms

Updated: May 3, 2022

The crest of Ard Tiarna House of Lanton

Prioms Sane & Kete Lanton. Twins Kete and Sane Lanton are the grandchildren of the prominent Ard Tiarna, Sorcha Lanton, one of the founders of the Kordi Nation, and act as Prioms of the 1st and 2nd Omada, respectively. After an impressive command of the forces of House Lanton during the Battle of Din Eidin, the pair were appointed the task of unifying the nation’s warriors, both Bari and Kordi alike, into one entity. They are responsible for the creation of the Kordi Military and the Order of Tigues, and were instrumental in organizing the final battle of the Half-Century War. Former advisors of Archos Sihala, the pair now serve as the Conslos to Archi Etelin and Leon, whom they have known since childhood. They are both a consistent and popular presence in the capital, known for their generosity, but also for their bright manes of auburn hair.

  • The Battle of Din Eidin, 8th Summerfall to 17th of Winterrise, Year -5.

The Battle of Din Eidin was more a battle of wits and patience than of outright strength. The Wason stronghold was the last of the four major cities to hold out throughout the Prytanis invasion, crediting their well-fortified walls and wide moats as unbreachable after withstanding multiple attack attempts. When the stronghold fell under siege in early Summerfall, the guards drew up the bridges and reinforced the doors, ready for a long wait. The falcons sent to the capital assured the Archos of stores set to last for months. They did not anticipate the previously impatient Prytanis to hold position, quietly testing the moat and walls, ready to strike. When the first early frost of winter set the water, they began their attack and did not cease. Armed like never previously seen, the Prytanis bombarded the walls, launched flaming debris into the store buildings, and barricaded any means of escape.

When the call for aid finally reached Dantria, the majority of the mobilized forces of the city guard had already been dispatched to a nearby Abkhati settlement for aid. The Archos turned to the forces of House Lanton, and they rode out just as the first flurry fell on the capital. The Lanton contingent, lead by Sekemi janNeera, took up ranks behind the Prytanis siege camp, harrying them to weaken their fortified position. As the battle wore on, the entrenched Prytanis forces breached the walls and began ransacking everything in their path turning the formerly well-fortified city into nothing more than a cage. The evacuation order was given, and the citizens of Din Eidin were told to escape by any means necessary. With the sound of horns and bells ringing across Din Eidin, the Lanton forces regrouped and launched one concentrated push through the battle lines of the Prytanis.

The warriors fought valiantly and were successful in breaking through the siege lines, at the cost of their commander’s life. With their commander gone, the Lanton forces fell into disarray as the cities gates flew open and evacuees came streaming out by the hundreds. Amongst the confusion, the young warrior twins of the Lanton family, Kete and Sane, rallied the troops to their banner, stabilizing the mayhem, and began moving into the city to retrieve as many survivors as possible. The Lanton forces maintained the escape path and secured large portions of the city to provide safe escape paths for residents trapped by the invaders.

In the end, the city fell to the invaders, but thousands of evacuees were saved due to the combined heroics of Din Eidin residents and the warriors of House Lanton. In recognition of their accomplishments, Kete and Sane Lanton were appointed as leaders of the army upon its official founding and went on to command the Kordi forces through to the end of the war. The late commander has since become known as Sekemi “Spearhead” janNeera, and is celebrated for his sacrifice to break the siege. (more details on the history of the Siege of Din Eidin can be discovered in-game)


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