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character creation

    Welcome to Eras! Joining us at the game requires a few key steps and a fair bit of decision-making on the part of you, the player. If you're new to LARP, or just have questions about the specifics of Eras, please don't hesitate to reach out to or join our Discord (linked at the bottom of the page) but the basics of how to come in as a player character are as follows:​

  • Check the Primer: The primer in the sidebar has a walkthrough of what to expect from Eras, and a detailed guide of how to build a character for the game.

  • Read the Rules: The rulebook will answer most questions, provide you with an overview of game mechanics, and list out all starting skills available for your character. 

  • Character Sheet: Every player is required to submit a character sheet before they are permitted tO buy a ticket, but we prefer to receive them as soon as possible so that there's time to work with you on making your character ready to enter the world. 

    • The character sheet is located ​here, you will need to save your own copy to Google Drive so that you can fill it out (please only type in the grey boxes!) and then share your completed Google doc to the e-mail listed in the instructions.

    • Things like naming conventions and details on the cultures can be found here and the professions, here. 

  • Covid Card: Send a picture of your covid vaccination card (with booster) to

  • Register: Once staff has approved your character sheet and received your covid card, you'll be sent a password, and can register on the front page for the event!

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