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    Welcome to Éras! Joining us at the game requires a few key steps and a fair bit of decision making on the part of you, the player. If you're new to LARP, or just have questions about the specifics of Éras, please don't hesitate to reach out to but the basics of how to come in as a player character are as follows:​

  • Read the Rules: Located on the front page of our website, the rulebook will answer most questions, provide you with an overview of game mechanics, and list out all starting skills available for your character. 

  • Character Sheet: Every player is required to submit a character sheet, at MINIMUM, 2 weeks prior to the event they intend to start at, but we prefer to receive them as soon as possible, so that there's time to work with you on making your character ready to enter the world. 

    • The character sheet is located ​here, you will need to save your own copy to Google Drive so that you can fill it out (please only type in the grey boxes!) and then share your completed Google doc to

    • Things like naming conventions and details on the cultures can be found here and the professions, here. 

  • Player Sheet: All participants need to fill out the out of character information form, which you can find here. This form provides us some basic information about you, as well as whom to contact in the (hopefully never) event of an emergency at the game.

  • Register: Details, payment information, and the registration form for our events is located here! Please note that registration closes 2 weeks prior to the event. 

Whether you're thinking of playing or trying your hand on staff side, we'd love to hear from you! Contact us on our Facebook page or shoot a message to Community groups can be found here!

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