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    Please fill out the template for BGA and upload it in the below form. You may also send letters between-games, as long as you have sufficient coin to do so, or a hawk able to carry to your desired location. Staff will subtract the appropriate amount of money from your character bag; if you run out of money, some of your letters will not be sent. Letters are:

  • 1 copper within Foxhedge.

  • 4 copper elsewhere in Emeria, or to Suncroft.

  • 1 silver for other Kordi cities.

  • 1 silver, 5 copper for anywhere outside of Kordi.

      Letters passed through the basic mail, especially to further cities and outside the nation, may or may not arrive on time for a reply to be expected the following event.

      Letters must be addressed so that the recipient can be found. If the address is unclear, the letter-carrier will charge an additional 50%, and it may take longer for the letter to arrive. It's best to ask for an address, but landed and vassals can usually be reached at their estate. Many local Foxhedge letters can typically be addressed as such:

Jebk janLeane

c/o The Vexing Vixen

Foxhedge, Emeria

      If you visit the Inn at Court for legal help or record review, you will be subject to a 5 copper fee for a basic Barrister consult, or a 4 copper fee per page of records.

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