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Loresday - The Rulers of Kordi

Updated: May 3, 2022

The crest of the Kordi Nation

Archos Etelin janSihala. The younger child of the late Archos Sihala, Etelin was born and raised in the height of the Half-Century War. She was trained in both the physical and magical arts along with her twin brother, Leon, and became increasingly active in her mother’s court as she grew. Although Etelin did not share her mother’s same aptitude for inventions and discoveries, she did inherit the late Archos’s spirit in battle. In her mid teens, Etelin had already begun to develop her own method of magical combat, combining her natural talent for magic with her acute sense of battle and honed fighting skills. Etelin quickly became a fixture of the capital city’s patrols, and when the Kordi Military was finally founded, Etelin was counted amongst the commanders. Her exploits on the battlefield were well renowned and she became known for serving as the vanguard of many battles, leaving mounds of dead Prytanis and elemental incarnations in her wake.

At the end of the war, Etelin took up the mantle of Archos alongside her brother and stepped into the role as public figurehead. Since then, she has leaned on her connections with the soldiers and Tigues to reach out to the various people of the nation, and used her influence to provide aid and support as the people of Kordi began the laborious rebuilding process. As the more publicly facing of the pair of rulers, she’s become well regarded by the people and is widely credited with extending the first call to other cultures, offering them respite from the ravages of the war. Etelin is known for taking a very hands on approach to her rule and still remains active in military operations when called upon.

Archos Leon janSihala. Leon janSihala was born 22 years prior to the end of the war during a siege from the enemies from Prytania. Born a twin to his sister Etelin, the rallying cry from the capital as a result of their birth drove back the invaders, ending the siege. Over the following 15 years, Leon and his sister were held safe within the capital as they grew in strength and influence next to their mother. Leon quickly displayed an affinity for the magical studies that his mother was so famed for, as such he spent a significant amount of time in the libraries studying and experimenting with magic. By age 16, Leon was already considered one of the foremost experts in magic and ritualism and was used as a consultant for the active Myschos Hathal Wason.

As the war drew on and the outcome began to look bleak, Leon took to his studies in an attempt to better understand the magical forces that were giving the enemies strength. During his studies, Leon made the startling discovery that the Prytanis communicated via a group-like hivemind. This discovery gave the Kordi the understanding they needed to gain a tactical advantage over their enemy as they were able to feed false information and tactics into their collective intelligence causing confusion in their ranks. Leon was also a key member on the team that developed the ritual to seal the Flaming Gate to effectively end the invasion.

After the conclusion of the war and his ascension to the rank of Archos with his sister, Leon took control over the magical research and development across all of Kordi. Leon founded the Hall of AlsaSona, an organization independent of the government composed of elite mages and magic scholars dedicated to progressing magical research.


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