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Renown System

Renown indicates a character's positive social influence within a particular sphere. Higher renown indicates the name and deeds of the character are more widely known within one of three spheres: Public, Vocational, and NPC. Renown is gained via in-game actions and is symbolized by a special coin that will be given to the player if their actions warrant the renown. Coins are then collected and tallied on the player's character sheet to indicate the overall renown they have within the particular sphere. Renown can also be lost if the player behaves dishonorably or to the shame of their station.

As Renown is accumulated, opportunities to spend renown on different items specific to plots or other needs will become available. We have included some initial examples of how renown might be spent for context.

The main profession of the character in question determines Renown Spheres.

Public Renown:

Diviner, Head of House, Interrogator, Magic Scholar, Patron, Soldier, Tigue 

Example: A Tigue is attempting to investigate a particularly sensitive murder case that is being held in secrecy. They may expend renown to gain access to information that would have otherwise not have been available to them.

Vocational Renown:

Apothecarist, Artisan, Cook, Jeweler, Performer, Producer, Scribe, Smith, Smuggler, Spy, Tinkerer

Example: An Apothecarist may spend vocational renown within the Apothecarist network of Emeria to access a specific tincture recipe.

NPC Renown:

This renown is specific to an individual NPC and can indicate a specific relationship or debt owed to a player. NPC may also be spent in some situations depending on the NPC and the circumstance in question.

Example: Player gains renown from Magus Iskierka Lanton for a specific action. The player then uses some of that renown to request a letter of introduction to the Hall of AlsaSona to request scrolls of interest or a visit.


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