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Patch Notes

We've updated a number of skills, and added clarifications to others. This is a short list of what has been changed. Please refer to the rulebook for fully updated descriptions.

- Skills granted by magic items now persist for FIVE minutes after activation, rather than 1.

- Tinctures now last for the ENTIRE event, or until the skill is used.

Open Skills

- Bandage: Major clarification, bandages must remain on for 15 minutes.

- Intercept: Can now be used on any skill.

Physical Skills

- Berserk: You no longer die at the end! Much less extreme consequence. Once per event.

- Blaze of Glory: You no longer final at the end! But you do die, and cannot be restored. Full refresh of ALL your skills and immune to all damage/effects for 5 minutes.

- Tough Constitution: You may consume and gain benefits from up to 5 tea and food products, per day, with no negative consequences.

Dexterity Skills

- Acrobatics: Clarified that one use of Acrobatics only counters ONE call of Takedown during an Earthquake.

- Dispel Magic: Negates all magical armor, temporary vitality and all active effects and skills granted by consumables (Tinctures, Teas, Gems, Rituals) or magic items, but does NOT destroy magic items.

- Weaken: Can no longer be tended.

Magic Skills

- AWSOMV: Clarification on which skills are compatible.

Thaumaturgy Skills

- Lightning Storm: The effect now lasts for 5 minutes.

- False Memory: The effect now lasts for one year.

- Soothe: Added Petrify, Weaken, and Encumber to negations.

- Stasis: Brand new skill!

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