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2023 Awards of Excellence

At the end of each year, the staff compiles a list of players who stood out in three different categories: Most Excellent Costume, Most Excellent Combatant, and Most Excellent Cultural Portrayal. The playerbase is asked to nominate for three other categories: Most Badass Moment, and Most Excellent General Roleplay.

This year's winners are:

Most Excellent Costume: Bethany as Ophelia nacEadan

Most Excellent Cultural Portrayal: Sandy as Shivani Asphodel

Most Excellent General RP: Rachelle as Kiera janLean

Most Excellent Combatant: Jonathan as Makar Marcovich Belayn

Most Badass Moment: Eric asTrajan NacFalx wrestles Tadg of Fairglen at the Waso Summit


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