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Folklore: Cultural Heroes (Kote)

Updated: May 3, 2022

The Ever Chosen, the founders of Kotè Onè. The Ever Chosen are a group of legends to the Kotè, 10 individuals whose names are lost to time known only for their legendary discovery of the great city. The legend of the Ever Chosen begins with a large tribe seated at the base of the mountains. The people of the tribe paid great respect and homage to the 5 Gods of the world and often paid tribute to them as part of their daily lives. A neighboring tribe took notice of these people and launched an assault on their lands, seeking to exterminate the people and take their lands and resources. A small group of 10 managed to escape the attack together and quickly set out to find a place to start anew.

On their journey they placed their faith in the gods and were rewarded with five trials, one for each god. Their first trial was that of the Gold God. A simple crossroads, with no markings to guide them. Left or right, which path should they take? Trusting in Gold’s luck to guide them they chose the left path and kept on their way.

The second trial was that of the Black God. Along their path lay a horse with a broken leg, slowly dying. Understanding that not all things can be saved and all will pass with time, they administered a quick blow to finish off the suffering beast before continuing on their way.

The third trial was that of the Silver God. A gate opened up before the group. Knowing this to be a sign from the Silver God, they stepped through. The realm projected their deepest emotions toward one another, some good, and some bad.

The fourth trial was that of the White God. They came across a man, half starved and frail. The man begged the group for food. The group understood that preserving life is important. They didn’t have much, but they still gave what they could. The man cried and thanked them for their generosity, and left with hope.

The last trial was that of the Brown God. They trekked through the countryside for days, then weeks. After running out of supplies, there was little hope for survival. Trying to stay true to Brown, they pressed on. What choice did they have? After two more days of travel, when almost all hope had faded, they laid their eyes on something magical. A large circular wall near the coastline, that we know as Kotè Onè today. For completing this journey, and keeping true to the teachings of the Gods, the Ever-Chosen were blessed with their true names and are celebrated as the founding members of the Kotè people.


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