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Loresday - The City of Emeria

Updated: Sep 22, 2022

The crest of Emeria City and Tiarna House Wisinha

The newly acquired Kordi territory between Ton Mohr and Raddlin Run was granted to the Ard Tiarna Alekander Wisinha in the year 3. Wisinha established the city of Emeria beside Lake Invernae, and the Ard Tiarna’s second son, Alekanta, was placed in the role of Tiarna. Amongst his first decisions as Tiarna, Alekanta Wisinha offered land to the newly fashioned Laird from Abkhat, Sabeer Cindergrove, who brought with him a number of Abkhati families to establish the city’s first district, Wolfthorn, in the year 4. Tiarna Wisinha appointed Ser Kolya Vovavist Rachman, one of the first members of the Order of Tigues, as head of the city’s 8th Omada, making him the first Bari Ard Tigue in the nation.

Emeria’s second district, Everden, was incorporated three years later, in the year 7. As Emeria continued to grow, receiving outposts of both the 3rd and 4th Omadas, and a plethora of newly appointed lairds to oversee the surrounding environs, it also drew the attention of local clans of Waso, and has struggled with excessive raiding. Regardless of the ever-present threat, the city was quickly established as a bustling trade spot, and Lake Invernae’s depth and gentle waters became the prime location for a harbor to be built in the year 10. With the influx of boats and trade, the district of Foxhedge was formally incorporated in the year 11, bringing new life to the area of rural landed manors. The district’s Warden, Ard Laird Aethelstan Fuchshof, has overseen the ongoing construction of the district.

The city’s council is comprised of members of the top three Ard Laird houses, and the current seats are held by: Ard Laird Sose Okesiko, Ard Laird Sabeer Cindergrove, and Ard Laird Wilhelm Senger.


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