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Folklore: Cultural Heroes (Paramos)

Updated: May 3, 2022

The Omayok, a Paramos legend. There is a tale in the Przykry clan of one who not only survived the deep winter in isolation, but decided to fly in the face of tradition. The young individual in the tale has no name, and that alone causes many to question it’s reality. It was not uncommon for those who were judged unlikely to survive the coming winter to be cast out of the caves of the clan so as to not drain precious resources. Should they survive the winter, against all odds, they would be welcomed back within the safety of the clan, but few ever did and nowhere was this practice more common than in the settlement of the Przykry. At the end of the fall, as the clans-people prepared to descend into their mountain home to overwinter, the hero of the story was cast out. Some say that the individual was wafer thin and sickly, too weak to possibly survive the coming cold. Some say they had an injury so grievous that to try and keep them alive would waste valuable resources for the healthy. Whatever the reason, they were cast out on the mountain pass with the others not expected to survive, and that was that.

When the thaw finally came, long overdue for the year, the Lore Keeper opened the doors to the cavern to find a figure standing at the entry chamber, clad in the deepest black furs and on their head, a great skull. The Lore Keeper recognized the cast off and gave them their new name, Omayok, and made them welcome them back into the clan. Omayok merely shook their head before departing into the spring mist. From that day forward, the number of cast offs that survived through the winter began to increase. Each individual’s tale of survival had an unmistakable similarity: a figure clad in black furs came to their aid in the depths of winter, appearing as if from nowhere at their most dire moment, and disappearing again once their strength returned, never asking for anything. Even to this day, scouts caught out in early winter claim to owe their lives to the Omayok.


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