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Folklore: Cultural Heroes (Cavachs)

Updated: May 3, 2022

Kajetan, a Cavachian founder. Although many of the details of his life have been lost to time, Kajetan is considered the father of modern smithing techniques in Cavachs, and of much of their current culture. Kajetan was an apprentice smith of middling talent, with a brilliant mind and exceptional work ethic. Unfortunately, his physical dexterity and strength was not sufficient to keep up with his mind and spirit. His master used to say “he’s a forge that burns long and bright, but just isn’t hot enough”. He would work himself to near collapse trying to perfect his work, and though he improved, he was never quite able to master the physical skills his master tried teaching him. One day, after failing once again to master the final skill he needed to earn his mastery, he locked himself in the forge and began working some metal. Day and night he worked, barely eating or drinking. Finally, one morning he exited the forge and held up a sword that the masters proclaimed “practically perfect”. When asked what had changed, he showed a new technique he had created, one that required more stamina and skill than strength. He was pronounced a master on the spot.

Kajetan went on to become one of the most prominent smithing masters, and then grandmaster in all of the Cavach settlements. He was so widely known, however, that he had trouble relaxing. Anytime he attended a party or social event, people would flock to him, desperate for his attention and advising. He grew so tired that he was determined to devise a plan for respite and locked into his forge for a week straight. Or so people thought. At the many events of the week, Kajetan snuck out of the forge, wearing an elaborate mask that covered most of his face. The disguise, paired with his illusion of being deep in work, allowed Kajetan to socialize unmolested for the first time in years. Although the secret was eventually discovered, the idea caught on amongst the crafters, and soon barely one could be found unmasked at a party


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