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Folklore: Cultural Heroes (Abkhat)

Updated: May 3, 2022

Nawra Blackridge, an Abkhat hero. Nawra Blackridge grew up along the western coast of Abkhat in the small village of Mesnep. The Blackridge family maintained several apple orchards surrounding the village, not far from the cliff above a small river. Nawra was especially known around town for her baked goods, and everyone looked forward to her desserts during harvest time. She would also take extra apples out to the workers in the fields for their breaks. One spring afternoon, Nawra was out picking apples when a courier arrived, they brought word of what everyone feared most: disease approached from the east. During one of the largest harvests yet, disease traversed the countryside, rotting entire fields of crops. The citizens of Mesnep rushed to fill their stores for winter before it reached the community, as acres of crops would die every night as disease approached. As it reached the outskirts of town, Nawra prayed to the Gods and left an apple out as an offering before going to bed. In the morning, the villagers awoke to find that their crops had been passed over by disease. That was, except for the rotted apple core on Nawra’s front step. Disease continued to spread northward, but Mesnep had been spared. Their stores were untouched, although not quite as full as desired. Throughout winter, word spread of Nawra’s discovery and everyone began to replicate her offering. On the first night of Harvest, to this very day, every home leaves a fruit or vegetable from their crops on the doorstep, an offering to ward off disease.


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