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Loresday - Creation

Updated: May 3, 2022

Image by Daniel Páscoa (

Creation. “A very long, long time ago, before the existence of the Allos and the humans and the Prytanis and all of the creatures that walk or swim or fly, there was only a massive, empty space and the five forces that inhabited it. The empty space is known as the Eternal Realm, and the forces that inhabited it are the Gods...

Full of mischief, the Gold God shoved the White God into the Silver God; from their collision were formed the Allos. As they bounced off of one another, the Silver God collided with the Black God once, then twice, forming the Skōti and Zidar. This knocked the Black God into the White God, and the Psari took form from spirit. On and on the gods rebounded off of one another, and every time they collided a new race was formed. Finally, three gods collided—the White God, the Silver God, and the Black God—and thus it was that humans were formed, a race unlike any other.

When the Gods were finally able to look around at their many curious creations, they knew they could not all stay in the expanse of the Eternal Realm. So it was that the Brown God poured its might into The Ephemeral Realm, relinquishing its claim on its Eternal home to forge a realm built of the elements. Of weather and tides, days and seasons. And in this realm the White God placed the humans, quickly followed by the Psari. One by one, the other realms formed, and the Silver God and Black God helped distribute the races to their new homes. Finally, when the work was done, the Black God created its own realm in which to reside, for who else would attend to the beings of spirit when they passed? They were, after all, mere mortals, and would all come to it in time.”



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