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Loresday - Dragons

Updated: May 3, 2022

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Dragons are often referred to as the “most mysterious creatures on Eras.” Their origin is uncertain, although their presence within the human cultures of Eras dates back to the very beginnings of time, in artwork, sculpture, songs, and tales. Some people claim that dragons taught humans to speak, but this theory is as yet unsubstantiated, and the dragons themselves are encountered so rarely that it seems scholars will never receive an irrefutable answer on the subject.

Within the different cultures of Éras, dragons have traditionally symbolized potent and auspicious powers, as well as strength, benevolence, and good luck. They are most commonly associated with the Gods, due to their coloration; white-, black-, golden-, and silver-colored dragons have all been reported over the centuries. The noticeable lack of a brown-colored dragon, however, has puzzled those who focus their studies on dragon lore, and there is a somewhat large contingency of scholars who dismiss the color-based association as mere coincidence. Whatever the case, dragons are revered as “old spirits” of great wisdom by peoples across Eras, and it is widely considered taboo to deface a depiction of a dragon.

Human and dragon interaction has been extremely limited over the years, but the scant recorded encounters thus far have indicated harmless or even benevolent relations, with the dragons in question deigning to engage in conversation and possibly even granting a boon to the lucky mortals. One historical recounting of such a meeting from a scribe of Kotè Onè describes a white-colored dragon as a “graceful and gentle creature despite its enormous stature and intimidating visage.” More recently, a silver-colored dragon was allegedly spotted in the skies over the Kordi city of Dantria shortly before the end of the Half-Century war and was heralded as an omen that the war would soon cease.

Dragons are said to be able to shape-shift, thus opening up the possibility for interbreeding between humans and dragons. This belief, of course, comes from passed down tales that have been warped by the ages, and are considered largely unreliable. Dragon-children, referenced in these tales as “dragon-blooded,” is rumored to exist, although very infrequently. No dragon-blooded have ever been confirmed, as such certainty would require an elaborate ritual, and none have yet to be designed.


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