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Things the Staff Wants You to Know Pt. 2

Updated: Mar 14, 2023

A continuation of our series of things that staff wants to underline :)

  • All of the staff's reoccurring NPCs are important to the story and to the progression of some plot or another! Interacting with NPCs is the best way to get involved with Eras as they will be the primary conduit through which you can start to impact the world around you. Many NPCs have much more to offer than what may initially appear so get to know them and see what you can uncover!

  • If your character commits to helping with a task "between/after the game" then this counts as your BGA action and should be noted in your BGA form. This is of particular note for assignments and tasks from the delegates as these actions advance the plot and requires the commitment of the BGA action to advance.

  • During BGA actions you cannot find riches, make sales (with the exception of Patrons), make petitions, or do other actions that can reasonably be completed in-game

  • The unauthorized killing of humans is illegal within the Kordi Nation, 'lawful' killing is at the discretion of Prioms and Ard Tigues, their appointed Tigue an Darnas, and, of course, the crown. If you're still getting familiar with the laws, please read Appendix 2. Your character is responsible for knowing what is legal and what is not. The laws are posted in the tavern and are available in the Barracks as well.

  • All skill effects last either 3 seconds or 1 minute.

  • The Talbrick Gatehouse (aka Staff Center) is, literally, the building beside the gate to Talbrick Manor - the Warden's estate - and is not a jail, waystation, or letter drop-off point. It is part of the Warden's home, thus it is a prime place to receive help from the groundkeepers and attendants on the Warden's payroll.

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