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Things the Staff Wants You to Know

The Eras staff team has compiled a short list of things we think might be helpful for some of our newcomers (and maybe some of our vets as well) in understanding the vibe of Eras, rather just than its mechanics and rules. We have created a "Things Staff Wants You to Know" list that can hopefully help clear up some questions we have been receiving. Please take a look and hopefully it helps.

  • You can write letters to whoever. Want to send a letter back home, or maybe to a friend from your character’s past? You can do that. Response times vary (sucks to have no formal courier system, eh?) but so long as you put a name and city address on a letter, you’re good to go.

  • Shrine offerings aren’t just flavor text. No offering is guaranteed to warrant acknowledgment from the Gods, and not even all responding actions are apparent enough to know that a petition has been answered. Still, the shrine is as much a mechanic as it is a part of the lore of the game. Making casual offerings and low-demand petitions isn’t typically considered as “drawing attention to yourself” as far as the Gods are concerned, so long as you’re polite, and don’t go offering your life and soul.

  • There’s a lot more to most NPCs than meets the eye. NPC's are "non-player characters," but that doesn't mean that they aren't just as important, or deep, as player characters! Most recurring NPCs are created just like PCs are: they have backstories, motivations (good or bad), and probably a ton of baggage. The things they say aren’t just fluff to fill up the event, some characters are experts on aspects of the world you might not even know about, and some might be able to help you with plots. Talk to them, the staff is here to engage with your character, whether you have a “legitimate reason” to or not. You might just stumble into their story and be able to affect it as much as your own.

  • Sometimes dreams are just dreams. Sometimes dreams are something more. Sometimes one might turn into the other. They always say something.

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