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Welcome to Eras

    The Half-Century War has ended. The conflict that rattled our lives, our home, our entire existence has come to a conclusion, though at great cost. Now is the time that we try to begin a new life in the wreckage and ruin. The world as we've known it has changed; roads are being built, alliances are forming, and cultures are being shared. Certainly, this is the start of a beautiful, new Eras?

    The Eras Chronicles: Origins is a medieval, original fantasy LARP that runs four times a year in Millmont, Pennsylvania. Instead of elves and fae, you experience the world of Eras as a human with a rich and unique culture and fall into a time when the clan way of life is giving way to the rise of nations, and the isolationist views of the past are quickly being left behind.

    You will determine your level of involvement in the world and the town around you. Creatures that you can hunt and combat will wander the woods; gates to other realms will open at random; strangers will come to the tavern to share a story and a drink—but it is ultimately up to you, the player, to choose who or what to interact with and what story you want to tell.

    We focus on emphasizing the key elements of player initiative, immersive and consistent storytelling, and cooperative play. Participants explore themes like coming-of-age, finding a place in the world, overcoming hardships and challenges, building friendships, navigating social politics, falling in or out of love, and dealing with local matters of your city. 

where to start

There's much to learn about the world of Eras, and the best places to start are with our Discord and rulebook!


 2023 Schedule

March 24th - 26th

May 5th - 7th

July 21-23rd (mini event)

September 8th -10th

October 27th - 29th

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